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Prélude No. 1 Philippe Giusiano - Chopin - Préludes op.28 & Sonate En Si Mineur op.58

Top 10 Chopin Preludes for Intermediate Pianists


By Steven Paszkowski

The word Prelude has many definitions. This definition changes based on what time period we are in, and if we are talking about a secular or sacred setting. In Church, a sacred setting, the Prelude is the first piece of music to be played to introduce the service. It has been this way for hundreds of years now. In secular music, the Prelude has evolved over time.


In the 17th century the Prelude, or Preludes, were short pieces to introduce longer more complex works that are to be played. In the Romantic era, Preludes became stand alone pieces that were meant for study on specific techniques or emotions.Chopin wrote 24 Preludes in the Op. 28 series, published in 1839, which cover all the Major and Minor keys in music, progressing by the Circle of Fifths.


Fantasy-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor, Op. 66 Valery Vishnevsky - Classical Study Music: Concentrate with Chopin

Our study of the preludes have been selected in the order of easiest to hardest technically. However, the point of study on these pieces is to help develop not only our technical skills, but our understanding of expressing different emotions. You will notice that most of these pieces have very little pedal markings, but it has been stated by Chopin's pupils, and contemporaries, that he always used the damper pedal very lightly.

肖邦在作品28号包括第二十四首前奏曲,出版于1839年。它们覆盖了音乐中所有的大调和小调,以五度循环的方式排序。下面,我们以技巧上从易到难的顺序来学习其中的10首。学习这些作品的目的不仅是为了提高我们的技巧,也是为了帮助我们理解不同的情感表达方式。你会注意到这些作品大都只有很少的踏板记号,但肖邦的学生和同时代人都说他总是非常轻微地使用制音踏板(damper pedal)。

Technically the easiest prelude, but quite emotionally challenging. This piece is as simple as it gets, and in result it is easy to express in an over dramatic way. The key to this study is learning and playing with simplicity.




Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.7 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.7

Technically the easiest prelude, but quite emotionally challenging. This piece is as simple as it gets, and in result it is easy to express in an over dramatic way. The key to this study is learning and playing with simplicity.


Chopin - Prelude No. 20, Op. 28 in C minor Martha Argerich - Great Pianists of the 20th Century  Vol. 03 Martha Argerich II CD 1


Prelude Op 28. No.20

Extremely dramatic, with very simple harmonic movement in C minor. This study offers us an introduction to fundamental harmonic knowledge in minor and a great way to vent agony, distress, frustration, annoyance, etc.


Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.4 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.4

A piece of depression, with a grand cry for help only to be defeated. This study offers us great control of our left hand, while projecting a repetitive monophonic melody. The challenge of this piece is to keep interest with so much repetition.


Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.6 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.6

Similar in emotion to No. 4, but more melodic, and the hands switch roles. Although this piece does not have pedal markings, the pedal must still be applied very lightly. This will result in a little bit of reverb helping the overall flow and legato of both the right and left hand. Be very careful not to accent the thumb!


Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.9 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.9

A very romantic piece and should be expressed as so. Chopin was in love during the time of these compositions with a woman named George Sand, and this must have been a good day for him! The pinky must keep the melody projected and expressive over the underlining harmony. If not, then the piece just sounds like a bunch of basic chord changes.

这首曲子非常浪漫,也应该被浪漫地演绎。在写这些曲子的时候,肖邦正与一名叫乔治·桑(George Sand)的女人恋爱,这些日子他一定十分幸福!右手小拇指必须一直保持在下方的和声之上有表现力地奏出旋律。否则整首曲子听起来就会像一堆基础和弦的变化。

Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.2 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.2

To me this piece feels like damp weather. In fact, Chopin left Paris for a period of time during these compositions to escape the damp winter weather of Paris. The focus of this study is to pivot with the left hand on the second and third finger, keeping the chords legato without the use of the pedal! Then this very simple, but powerful, melody must sustain throughout.


F.Chopin. Prelude No.15 in D-flat major, Op.28 (Raindrops) Orchestra Of New Classics - Classics In The Pop Of Treatments. Chopin - The Best


Prelude Op 28. No.15

Also known as “Raindrop,” this piece is extremely romantic, with a dark twist in the middle. It is not very hard to play, it's just a bit long compared to the rest. There are only a few spots that will require a little bit of extra focused practice. It will help tremendously to study the scales Db Major and E Major prior.


Chopin Prelude No. 1 'Agitato' Julian Lawrence Gargiulo - Preludes - Live from Italy


Prelude Op 28. No.1

The first in this list that requires a little bit more advanced technique. However, we are prepared! The left hand must pivot on the second and third fingers, while the right hand sings the first and last note of the measure. Really focus on the second beat of each measure. If the two notes are not played together it will sound sloppy. Don’t forget to breath!


Chopin--Prelude, Op.28 No.3 in Claudio Arrau - Claudio Arrau: III- Great Pianists of the 20th Century


Prelude Op 28. No.3

Do not be intimidated by the “required” speed of this piece. It is simply a pattern that repeats itself starting on a different note. This piece is going to offer us a great study for the left hand. You will literally feel your technique developing the more you practice this piece. The speed will come in time with proper, consistent practice.


Frederic Chopin - Prelude, Op. 28, No. 10 Ronald Hawkins - Journey


Prelude Op 28. No.10

Same concept as No. 3, but now for the right hand. This piece feels pretty good in your hands once you learn your notes. Once again, do not worry about the speed. The purpose for this study is to teach your right hand great fluidity, having freedom down the whole keyboard.


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